Wednesday 15 April 2015

Why Do I Love to Travel Alone.

I always wish I had a nomadic life. After that accidental solo travel in Vietnam in 2010, I thought it would be scary but I fell in love with traveling in an instant. As soon as I got back home after that trip, I found myself longing for another adventure. The rest is history.

Though I enjoy company of my best travel buddies, there is a certain kind of enjoyment and satisfaction which I could only get from traveling solo. And it isn't about being a recluse. The freedom of doing the things that I love to do without being ridiculed of my choices, the freedom of deciding on my own without considering someone else’s opinion – for me those are priceless. Sometimes, traveling with others can be frustrating. Places to go, sights to see, what to do, and what food to eat - arguments about those can be a major break-out. Most of the times those can also put strain on even the closest friendship.

Because of traveling, I met new people. I became friends with them right away without minding our endless differences, like the language that we speak, the education that we attained, and religion that we believe. It’s always interesting to hear tales from wanderers like me. Their stories enthralled me and those made me want to travel and experience more.

Traveling alone is not only an enriching experience. It is not just about hopping from one place to another, or feasting eyes on scenic views, or indulging and eating best dishes gluttonously. It is more about learning from rich cultures of every place I visit, meeting people of different personas, making new friends, and the best of it all is learning to be independent. I haven’t experienced nor seen a lot and I am not even halfway there. But it’s on my list. ☼

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