Tuesday 14 April 2015

Travel Essentials When Visiting Myanmar

I traveled to Yangon and Bagan a few months ago. It was indeed one of the best travel experiences ever! The weather in Myanmar was really hot during my visit. The country has just recently opened its doors to tourism, so you have to be prepared for the different ways of traveling around the ancient city. 

Here’s a list of the must-have travel essentials for when you’re planning to visit Myanmar:

1.      Cap/Hat/Visor. The weather in Yangon and Myanmar is extremely hot! Use a hat or a cap or a visor to protect your face from harmful rays.
2.      Sunblock lotion/cream. Apply sunblock lotion or cream on your face and body before leaving your hotel. Repeat after every 3-4 hours.
3.      Facial Mist. Spray facial mist on your face before applying sunblock cream. It cools you down and helps keep your skin hydrated.
4.      Sunglasses. (See tip #1)
5.      A small backpack.
6.      Flip flops or a pair of sneakers which are easy to take off and put on. No shoes are allowed inside every temple. You are supposed to walk barefoot in temples and temple grounds.
7.      Water bottle. The heat of the scorching sun may dehydrate you. Drink plenty of water in between temple hopping.
8.      Scarf. You can use a scarf to put around your neck or put on your head to protect it from the sun.
9.      Facial Tissue / Wet Wipes. If you’re a super clean person, you may want to clean your feet using wet wipes after entering the stupas. Also, there are dusty trails around Bagan and you can use them to clean your hands too.
10.  Comfortable clothing. Wear casual lightweight clothing but don’t forget to bring a light sweater when traveling during the cooler months of December to February. As a sign of respect, don’t wear shorts or tank tops when entering religious buildings.
11.  A small torch. You can use this when climbing up stupas.
12.  Sunburn relief and first aid kit.
13.  Camera and extra batteries.

Happy travels! Check out my 5 day itinerary in Yangon and Bagan here!

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