Friday 17 April 2015

Three Days Itinerary in Rome, Italy

Travel Tip: You may want to get a Roma Pass for 36 euros. The advantages of having a Roma Pass include free entry to two museums or archaeological sites of your choice and free use of the city’s public transport network. You will also be given a Roma Map, a Roma Pass Guide and Roma รจ, the card with the App to download the best city. The card is valid for three days and is activated upon the first entry to any museum or archeological sites and/or at the time of first journey on public transport. I bought my Roma Pass online and collected it at PIT Nazionale , Via Nazionale.

Day 1
  1. Get up early to see the grandiose church of St. Peter’s Basilica. It opens at 7:00 am. Be amazed by the sights inside which include Michelangelo’s Pieta and the tour of the Pope’s tombs.
  2. Climb up the basilica’s dome to see the panoramic view of the city.
  3. Walk around St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican walls to get to the entrance of the Vatican Museums. It opens at 9:00 am. You may buy your ticket online for the Vatican and Sistine Chapel tours.
  4. Make your way south towards Trastavere District. Visit the famous churches including Santa Cecilia in Trastevere and Santa Maria in Trastevere.
  5. After dinner, head off to Piazza Farnese Square. Enjoy the view of the Farnese Palace before admiring the beauty of Palazzo della Cancellaria. Continue walking to Piazza Navona and then cross the Tiber River on the Ponte Sant’ Angelo and look at the marvelous Saint Angel Castle. The marvelous view of the illuminated St. Peter’s Basilica is surreal.
Day 2
  1. Start your day by visiting Santa Maria della Vittoria.
  2. Walk southeast to Piazza della Repubblica and check out Santa Maria degli Angeli.
  3. Continue walking southeast to Palazzo Massimo alle Terme branch of the Museo Nazionale Romano. A hundred metres in front of the museum is Terme Diocleziano. (MUSEO NAZIONALE ROMANO)
  4. If you want to see Michelangelo’s Moses, head off to San Pietro in Vincoli.
  5. Visit the Imperial Forums, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill.
  6. Be out of the Forum’s southeast entrance and see the Colosseum (Part of Roma Pass) and the Arch of Constantine.
  7. Watch the sunset from Capitoline Hill.
Day 3
  1. Explore the city: Tiber Bend area, the Tridente/Spanish Steps, and Villa Borghese Park
  2. Enjoy wandering at Piazza Navona.
  3. Visit the church of Sant'Agostino and then head off to Piazza Sant'Eustachio.
  4. Visit the Pantheon.
  5. Enter the Galleria Borghese (Part of Roma Pass). Go to Villa Borghese park and then to the top of the lively Spanish Steps.
  6. Toss a coin into Trevi Fountain.
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