Wednesday 15 July 2015

Guide on How to Apply for a Korean Visa in Singapore

I will be travelling to South Korea in late September and I couldn't really hide my excitement about it. Last July 3, I applied for a tourist visa at the Korean Embassy here in Singapore. Here is the list of the documents that I prepared before I applied for a C-3-9 Visa (Tourist).

  1. Travel document. You need to provide a valid passport with at least 1 blank page remaining. As a general rule which the travel industry recommends, you have to make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months on the date of your travel. Remember to bring a photocopy of your passport as well. 
  2. Visa Application Form and one passport size photo. The photograph should be coloured and recently taken which you should affix to your completely filled out Application Form. Visa Applications are available and can be downloaded from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea's website.
  3. Certification of Employment. Request a copy of Certificate of Employment from your employer stating your passport number, company name, the date you joined the company, your position and your annual salary. Click here to view a sample.
  4. Bank Statements. You must provide your personal savings account statement showing the latest three months banking transactions (original and photocopies). You may also submit a statement printed online. However, you have to make sure that the Account Name and Account Number are visible on the pages which you are going to submit.
  5. Identity Card. Photocopy of your Identification Card (S Pass).
To avoid rejection, you have to ensure that you have completed the documents required before proceeding to the embassy. Arrange them accordingly (in order as specified above) and do not staple them. Please take note that you are required to personally visit the embassy to submit the requirements. A piece of paper indicating the visa collection date will be provided to you. If all the requirements were met, your visa will be granted and issued after five days. 

Furthermore, do take note that Visa Applications are only accepted from 9:00 to 11:30 am. This also applies to collection of Visa. Visa processing fees may be different depending on nationality and type of visas applied for. You may read more about the Visa Processing Fees on the Embassy of the Republic of Korea's website.

Happy Travels! xo


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