Friday 5 June 2015

How I Find Cheap and Awesome Accommodation When Travelling

I conquered my solo travel fear six years ago. The freedom and thrill are often accompanied by fear, but the idea of being somewhere isolated, just by myself, makes everything insignificant.

I signed up on and slowly, I learned how to score great accommodation deals! I have been to many cities and I use to book my accommodation all the time. I became a Booking Genius and take advantage of these perks which I get from being a Genius!

One thing I love the most about is that you could reserve the room/s you have chosen with or without having to pay a single cent upon reservation. The payment will only be made upon your check in.You may also cancel and/or change the booking dates should you wish too. However, it can only be done until a certain given date, perhaps to be fair. Mostly, you can change and/or cancel the dates one week before your travel date. You have to make sure you double check these dates to avoid paying some cost. You could also send requests directly to the hotel via their manage your booking tab, such as early or late check in and the like.

Another thing that I love about is that you will be given a personalised travel guide about your next destination. This travel guide would help you prepare your itinerary and decide which places you should go to in terms of food, shopping, and sightseeing. Information about getting around, about the city, the popular attractions you should visit and heaps of practical tips can also be found on the travel guide! My entire experience using has always been great. And look, app is already available! (And you can get it for free too!) By using the App, it is okay not to print the confirmation anymore. You can also map the route to where you're staying, manage your booking on the go, and book last minute without a credit card! Amazing, isn't it? And this is why is always my preference when choosing accommodation whenever I travel.

Travel Tip: Read reviews on Tripadvisor, other Travel Bloggers' reviews, and make a research. This helps a lot in making decisions!

(These photos are screenshots from's website)

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