Thursday 19 May 2011

Three Days in Boracay with the FamBam!

That was the trip that made all of us excited. It was my family’s first plane trip! Welcome the to the Island of Boracay!

We arrived at Kalibo International Airport at around 4:30 pm. After an hour and a half road trip going to Caticlan, we finally got to meet Nanay Yet, Tatay Ric and Renz were waiting for us at the port. 20 minutes of boat ride and we were finally i Boracay where Jim and Aen were waiting as they arrived in the island earlier.

We took some time to rest and decided to explore the island that night. We had a quick dinner, walked by the beach and had our henna tattoos too. We were all tired after so we went back to our “not-so-worth-the-price” hotel and recharged ourselves for the activities we’ll be having the following day.

We woke up early to catch the glimpse of the morning sun. Walking by the beach and taking photos became an obsession! After breakfast, we prepared ourselves for the family activities. We tried the ATV ride first. With a total of 7 all terrain vehicles plus 1 buggy car, we started that exciting ride first to the butterfly farm and took a shot with a giant bat. The guide gave us 15 minutes to walk around the farm. After that, we then headed to the highest peak of Boracay where we enjoyed the view of the island from above. We were again given another 10 minutes to indulge our eyes with the view, and then continue the road trip going back to where we started. That activity was really exciting. After the road trip, we went to station 1 for the boat trip. Before the boat ride, we tried the famous Banana Choco Peanut Shake from Jonah's Fruitshake. I did enjoy fish feeding and snorkeling, especially because I was with my family. We were able to explore around the island while in a boat. The man also let us see Pacman's resort. We had our famous "paluto lunch" and it was superb! After lunch, we went back to Station 1 for the Banana Boat ride. It was really fun! All of us had fun! After all those activities, we dipped our feet in the sand and enjoyed the scenic view of the island.

Jim and Aen left the island for their early morning flight the following day.

The seven of us (Nanay Yet, Tatay Ric, AK, Balong, Renz, Biboy and I) had dinner at D'Talipapa in Station 3. Tried the “paluto”  again and it was indeed worth the price. After dinner, we walked by the beach, played with the sand, enjoyed the music from the live band performing, watched some fire dancers, took some shots and then went back to our “hotel” and rest.

Early morning we woke up for again another dip in that beautiful beach of Boracay. Took some shots underwater and paid a visit to the Boracay Grotto at Station 1. After that, we  went back to the hotel, had our free breakfast and prepared for check out.

Checked out early for us to be able to buy some pasalubongs and had an early lunch too as our flight going back to Manila is at 305 pm. Took a 15-minute boat ride going to Cagban Port, an hour and a half road trip to Kalibo International Airport, and then plane ride going back to Manila.

Arrived in Manila nearly 5:00 pm :)

“The hardest part is leaving, after that blissful adventure I had with my loved ones.” ~

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