Monday 2 May 2011

iLab, Bali Indonesia in Two Days

“…it isn’t the right time for this trip, but everything's already set, even up to the smallest details. And I know that in this time of grief, this would be a close to perfect “sudden” escape especially because I am away. I know that Ama understands…”

This is it! The trip that we’ve been planning for since forever! A perfect teamwork - Jhem on Collections, I on Payables, Yen on Planning and Djehn on Public Relations. Great job ladies ♥

Special thanks to Lheny for all the brochures and leaflets given! It was indeed a great help. And for Ronald too for the assistance.

Meet up location : Lakeside MRT (then headed off to Changi Airport. Bali here we come!)

To our surprise, there was a four-hour delay on our flight. Without any choice, we waited for the boarding time and took some photos while killing time inside the airport.

We arrived at Bali one-hour past midnight (finally). The road trip to our hotel was bearable, perhaps because of the excitement. After checking in, we took a nap for about an hour and a half. As what was previously planned, we woke up early to catch a glimpse of the morning sun by the beach. We also took some shots and went for a dip in that scenic beach of Bali. Nothing but beach and sun!

We then had our free breakfast in our hotel. After the sumptuous meal, we packed our things up and headed off to Nusa Dua Beach for the water sport activities that we booked in advance.

Parasaling. Banana Boat. Jestkie.

It was definitely an adventure worth-paying for. We paid 30 US dollars each for the three activities, which also includes tour guide and insurance. It was really a great deal!

After that breathtaking view and experience, we washed up and then had lunch at the beach front. It was again an amazing experience with my girls. We took some time to rest and then headed off for the City Tour.

The first stop was Tanah Lot. The view was surreal. I couldn't find the exact words  to express how I was really captivated by that landscape. 

The next stop was Uluwatu trip. It was quite exciting. The place was as much as fascinating as Tanah Lot, except that there were numbers of monkeys anywhere. Those monkeys were really wild, that was why we were not able to finish the whole Uluwatu tour.

Dinner. Swim. Chit-Chat (in our hotel)

We woke up early for our next trip. After breakfast, we bagged our things up and prepared for check out.

The road trip began heading to our first destination, the Monkey Forest. Because of what we had experienced during the Uluwatu Tour, we were really scared because of the wild monkeys and the idea of going into a Monkey Forest almost killed us all. But Wayan (our driver) said that the monkeys there were different from the monkeys in Uluwatu. He was definitely right.

The last stop was the Bali Rice Terraces. As I haven’t seen our famous Banawe Rice Terraces, I was really enthralled when I saw theirs. We had our merienda-and-lunch while overlooking the terraces. It was a real sense of heaven ♥

After a few hours, we were on the plane going back to Singapore.

I really hope “Wayan” could read and see all of these. He was our Driver, New Found Friend, Tour Guide, Yaya and Photographer rolled into one. Two thumbs for you, WAYAN!

I also must commend the Balinese we bumped into during our trip. They were really nice and friendly. Once you gave them a smile, you'll definitely get another one back.

5.00pm, we were back in Singapore. We chit-chat and talked about those unforgettable experiences we had on that trip over dinner. That feeling of peacefulness while walking at the beach with my best of friends is one of the best feelings in the world!

“My favorite thing is to go where I've never been.” ~ Diane Arbus

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