Saturday 5 May 2018

One Day in Bamberg, Germary : What to See and Do

It took me several months of meticulous planning for that two-week trip in Europe. The initial plan was to go directly to Amsterdam after Prague to meet my cousin and her husband, but I really wanted to go to this idyllic Bavarian town in Germany, and so I did. I will never regret that decision.

It was a 4-hour train ride from Prague to Bamberg. Not only that it is possible to see much of Bamberg in a day, but I also chose this place because of its picturesque and charming beauty too. I picked a hotel close to the train station since I was arriving at night and will only be spending one whole day there. In the morning, I spent a few hours walking all over old town. Bamberg Old Town is located in the middle of Regnitz River, across two bridges. It was a political force in the early-Medieval times and became UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. Bamberger Dom (Bamberg Cathedral) is a historic church which was constructed as early as 1002, and is also a home to the tomb of Pope Clement II, the only pope who is laid to rest north of the Alps. Inside the church I saw notable sculptures such as the tomb of Heinrich II and his wife Empress Kunigunde, a true-to-size statue of the Bamberg Horseman and the Veit Stoss altar. Bamberg New Residence and the Rose Garden is a magnificent building which served as the seat for Bamberg's prince bishops in the 1800's. Just like Prague and Hallstatt, visiting Bamberg is like walking through fairy tale. After visiting the New Residence, I strolled around Little Venice, enjoying the pleasant day I was having. It is the former fishermen's district in Bamberg dating from the 19th century. What I noticed about Bamberg is their love for public art, evidenced by art pieces on display scattered around the village. Before my day ended, I visited Schlenkerla, one of the famous breweries right in the center of Old Town and also a home to the original smoked beer. I was lucky that the place was not busy, so I stopped by to have a taste of this popular beer. Needless to say, I really fell in love with Bamberg. I wish I had more time to venture more outside the city. Maybe in the future. 

Here's my suggested itinerary if you only have one day in Bamberg, Germany:
  1. Visit Bamberg Old Town.
  2. Bamberg Cathedral 
  3. Bamberg New Residence and the Rose Garden
  4. Little Venice
  5. Caff├Ębar Kranen
  6. Bamberg Old Court
  7. Walk around the town to see art displays
  8. Schlenkerla
ciao bellas xx

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