Tuesday 5 April 2016

A Fun Day Out at Kampong Glam!

Jhem's family is visiting Singapore soon, so there I was to the rescue and volunteered to help her prepare an itinerary for their upcoming trip. Just like me, her niece loves photography too. I've been living in Singapore for 8 years now and it was only last year when Julie, one of my closest friends in college, went here for a short trip that I found out about the hidden gems in Kampong Glam. In particular, Haji Lane was my favourite. It is a colourful and vibrant touristy place, indeed a very good location for people who love to pose and take photos!

We took a train at Jurong East Station towards Changi Airport (East West Line), got off at Lavender Station and then took Exit B. Upon exiting, we walked down Victoria Street and walked past Hotel Boss until we arrived at an intersection. A beautiful mosque called Masjid Malabar, the only Malabar Muslim Mosque in Singapore, was located at the junction of Victoria Street and Jalan Sultan. We took a closer look at the Blue Mosque before crossing the road to get to the other side of the street. We continued strolling until we saw beautiful wall paintings which reminded me of those I've seen in Georgetown. Jhem took a lot of photos while I admired the view. I can't believe I haven't been to that picturesque place before! We turned left at Jalan Pinang, walked past some hostels and then turn right at North Bridge Road. We could already see Masjid Sultan and for some reason I felt really excited! I seriously felt like a tourist heading to an unknown destination that day!

We walked straight (it was just a two-minute walk actually) until we get to the intersection of North Bridge Road and Arab Street, and then crossed the street on our left. Jhem, again, took as much photos as she could, while I continued to walk until we get to Muscat Street, where Masjid Sultan was located. Masjid Sultan is considered one of the most important mosques in Singapore. The area where the Masjid Sultan is located is within Kampong Glam, which is allocated for Malays and other Muslims. The street was filled with restaurants which mainly cater and serve Mediterranean cuisines and shops where tourists could get some souvenir items. We leisurely wandered, took photos, turned right along Baghdad Street and then walked until we get to Haji Lane. The narrow street was vibrant and lively and very colourful! There were shops selling vintage items, independent fashion boutiques, paintings, a tattoo shop, a salon, and Middle Eastern cafes and even bars! Haji Lane is definitely one of the hippest place in Singapore!

Travel tip :

These days, the weather in Singapore is unbearably hot and humid. Apply sunblock before going out and make sure to reapply after every two hours. Drink plenty of water and wear comfortable clothes too! You would do a lot of walking so wear a pair of comfortable shoes as well. And last, take a lot of photos! Have fun and happy travels!

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