Wednesday 17 June 2015

24 Hours in Bangkok – How Much Money Did I Spend

A couple of months ago, I decided to join Ronald with his trip to Bangkok. He was lucky to have availed of Jetstar’s promotion and apparently I wasn’t because it took me a month to finally make up my mind. After hunting tirelessly for the cheapest airfare to Bangkok, I found the best deal on

Here’s the list of my total expenses when I visited Bangkok for one day. Exchange rate per 1 Sgd is 24.75 Baht.


Bus fare from DMK Airport to Chatuchak Park Station
30 Baht
MRT fare from Chatuchak Park Station to Sutthisan Station
23 Baht

Taxi Fare from Sutthisan Park Station to Bangkok 68 Hotel
35 Baht
Dinner at Hotel
95 Baht
MRT fare from Sutthisan Park Station to Chatuchak Park Station (Weekend Market)
23 Baht
MRT fare from Chatuchak Park Station to Hua Lamphong Station
42 Baht
Taxi fare from Hua Lamphong Station to Khao San Road
50 Baht
Lemon Tea @ McDonald’s
45 Baht
Snack with Ronald
140 Baht
Body Treatment Package
900 Baht (including 100 Baht tip)
Local Street Food @ Khao San
75 Baht
Taxi going back to Hotel
50 Baht (100 Baht / 2 pax)
1,508 Baht

Sunday: Ronald and I split the taxi fares fairly.

Taxi from hotel to Southern Bus Terminal
66 Baht (133 Baht / 2 pax)
Bus fare from Southern Bus Terminal to Damnoen Saduak
75 Baht
Boat ride from pier to the main market
900 Baht (including 100 Baht tip)
Noodle soup with Chicken
50 Baht
Thai Iced Tea
40 Baht
Motorbike fare going back to the main market
40 Baht (80 Baht / 2 pax)
Motorbike fare going to the terminal
30 Baht (60 Baht / 2 pax)
Fare going back to Bangkok (Van)
90 Baht
Lunch (Local Food Court)
72 Baht
Taxi fare to Chocolate Ville
100 Baht (200 Baht / 2 pax)
Taxi faire going back to hotel
92 Baht (184 Baht / 2 pax)
Lemon Tea
20 Baht
Taxi fare from hotel to DMK Airport
140 Baht
Dinner at the airport
252 Baht
1,967 Baht


Travel Tip:

It wasn’t hard to roam around the City by train. There were directions written in English so you wouldn’t get lost. However if you prefer to take taxis, I suggest you have the address written down in Thai. You may ask your hotel receptionist to do it for you. I noticed that most of the taxi drivers don’t know how to speak neither understand English, that was why hailing a taxi became a struggle for us. There was one instance when we thought the driver understood us. After driving a few metres, we realised that he didn’t so we ended up getting off the car, went back to our hotel and asked the hotel receptionist to help us hail a taxi and explain to the driver where we were going.

If you are intending to visit the Chocolate Ville in Bangkok, make sure that you have its address written down too. Most of the taxi divers didn’t know where it is located. We were lucky though because the third taxi driver we asked knew how to use a GPS. The travel time from Victory Monument to Chocolate Ville was 45 minutes. We arrived at the Chocolate Ville around 1:00 pm without knowing that the guards wouldn’t allow us to get in until 4:00 pm. We ended up taking photos outside. It was still magical though!

It was painfully hot in Bangkok, so don't forget to wear sunscreen. Keep hydrated too!

Happy travels!

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