Tuesday 30 October 2012

Travelsmoove: The Travel Buster.

I am not the type who rant about something. Occasionally maybe, but I ain't really a fan of it. But in an instance like that of what we have experienced just recently, it made me want to blog about it, not for the purpose of ruining 'their' credibility, but for the benefit of those who are keen on buying travel deals online, like us.

Six months ago, we purchased a travel deal going to Phuket on 26 to 28 October from streetdeal.com.sg. For 3 days and 2 nights, $206 was really a great deal, that was what we thought though. We were directed to the travel agent, Travelsmoove. Right after the payment confirmation and everything, we asked for our e-vouchers (hotel and ticket). They replied informing us that those will only be available 14 days before our travel date. Stated on the travel deal by the way are the following: airfare from and to Singapore via Jetstar, 3D2N accommodation in a 4-star hotel, breakfast, WIFI, 20% discount F&B voucher and guaranteed late check out. After a month, we received an email from Travelsmoove informing us that there were changes on the place of accommodation, and we were left with no choice but to accept it.

Fourteen days before the travel date, Jhem called them up to follow up the e-vouchers. I was in Cambodia then so I let her handle. They replied and asked to give them some time to arrange the stuff that we needed. We've waited, days passed but we didn’t hear anything from them. Friday, October 19 when we started calling their office to follow up on our request. We've started to make a research about Travelsmoove too, since we have this feeling that there's something wrong. We were shocked after reading numerous rants and disapproval about their service. We lost hope indeed because of what we've known. The following day we bombarded them with phone calls and emails, but still no one has ever replied. Late in the afternoon that day when we received a call from someone named Lina. She said that there are changes on our flights. Instead of getting back to Singapore on Sunday, we will be returning the following day (Monday), 9 am. When we said it's not okay because work will be affected, she asked us to just move the travel dates. We didn't agree and told her to do anything about it. First and foremost, that trip has been planned half a year ago, and that's the only time we can travel together due to work constraints. She called up again and told us that she cannot do anything about it anymore, and then gave us another option, and that's change of destination, now to Bali. We said yes, even if all of us have been there. We didn't have any choice too and asking for a refund was the last on our list. The burden shouldn't have been on our side but everything that happened pissed us off. Late night that day, they called me up and said that Bali isn't possible too. Holy crap. My emotions overruled, I was trying not to be rude but the situation asked for it. She continued talking, and gave me another option: stay-cation in any hotels in Singapore or use those travel voucher in the Philippines. I argued with her. Those options that she gave are unacceptable. Again, trying to be calm and polite as I could, I asked them to check again some other places. I even gave her names of places we can go instead. After that exhausting conversation, she ended the conversation by telling me that she'll call me again on Monday (Oct 22) for the updates. To make everything clear, I sent her an email stating everything about the conversation we had.

I checked my email Monday morning when I read the automated reply stating that they will revert to us 5 days after. I replied again, telling them that our trip is already on the 26th, and it's already 22nd. Again, we bombarded them with phone calls, emails, and we even posted comments on their facebook account but as expected, they didn't reply to any of those. It was late in the afternoon when they called up and gave us this option to Jakarta, 25-28 October. We approved it since we really didn't have a choice anymore. At last, we can pack our things.

As clearly stated on the vouchers that they've sent us, the booking is for 3 persons, bed and breakfast. When we arrived at Menara Peninsula Hotel, it was to our dismay that Travelsmoove didn't pay for an extra bed. The hotel of course only provided 2 towels. When we went swimming, they provided only two pool towels too. We paid additional 360,000 Rupiah for breakfast as well, which by right should have been free. We did not avail the breakfast on the first day, as we were disappointed with the fact that we need to pay for the third person. Instead, we opted to eat outside the hotel. On the second day, we were left with no choice but to avail the buffet breakfast for two, and then paid for the third person, since we just stayed in our hotel the whole morning and waited for our flight. There’s nothing much to do in Jakarta as compared to our original destination which is in Phuket. Also, stated on the deal that we bought is late check out, but we were only allowed to stay until 1pm, thus again, we didn’t have any choice but to check out on time, went to the airport and killed time there, which apparently meant our time was wasted.  And the worst, we have paid 450,000 Rupiah (25Sgd each) for the travel tax going back to Singapore. Considering that we all paid the same amount, but then there is always one that is left with nothing because of Travelsmoove very poor quality service, we can't help but feel mad to what Travelsmoove had caused us. That was the first time that we traveled without any itinerary at all, since we don't have enough time to arrange any tours anymore due to work loads. We roamed around Jakarta like lost puppies. The difficulty in conversing with the locals made it even harder. Considering the long list of inclusions on the travel deal that we bought, the amounts that we paid in addition to what we have already paid because of Travelsmoove negligence are too much.

If I were to enumerate all the discomforts and distresses Travelsmoove had caused the three of us, it's gonna be a long list. We just don't want other people to experience those that we had experienced. And I guess that is the first and the last that we're gonna buy a travel deal online.

And well my dear Travelsmoove, I hope you could improve your service. And I really suggest you make a research about your company and you will see how many people rant on you too.


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  2. update: i emailed travelsmoove regarding all the mess that we've encountered in Jakarta (payment made for breakfast and travel tax paid at the airport going back to Singapore). they will give us the refund for the travel tax. I provided the receipt for the payment we made for breakfast as well, and as per the email they've sent us, they are still in the midst of checking with Menara Peninsula Hotel. ☺

    1. update as of today : Travelsmoove sent an email informing us that they have arranged the refund for the payments we made for foods at the hotel, and the travel tax as well. ☺☺☺

    2. latest update : refund for food and travel tax already received.


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