Friday 24 February 2012

Two Days and One Night in Malacca, Malaysia

I finally found the time to share that wonder experience in Malacca after almost two weeks.

Between those quick and busy activities related to work and personal matters, I was able to squeeze traveling in. Though distant from being well-planned, that weekend get away was an epic success. Again, with great help from a tool which gave way to stress-free online transactions.

Adventure – Trishaw’s decorated with flowers – A bit of Malacca’s history – Body massage & body scrub – Shopping – Coffee – Live sketching - Never-ending laugh trip – Photo memories.

I never imagine that sweet escape to be that memorable. We’ve gone to Kuala Lumpur late last year and I thought Malacca has nothing much to offer since I’ve already seen the brilliance of the Petronas Twin Towers. (Though I know that there are still lots of must-see places but due to time limit we weren’t able to visit.) And I was astonished when we started to wander around Malacca – from a dose of nostalgia to eye-catching modern establishments. Malacca is far different from Kuala Lumpur – less crowded and in my opinion safer. The best about that trip (aside of course from the quest for the best massage and spa parlor in town) was learning from Malacca’s rich culture and heritage - their historical edifice and colorful legacy.  Really not bad for an over-the-weekend Singapore escape.

I don’t think like I’ve seen and experienced enough. I am not even halfway there. Let's see whatever part of the world I can (still) afford. And let’s see how can I make way to squeeze “it” in to my usually tight schedule.

Ronald: now I know why I often can’t wait for our next meetings. A newfound massage and scrub buddy! I really had fun ~ again and again and again, I am looking forward to more trips and adventures with you and Jhem soooonnn. Can’t wait till two years from now. ☺

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