Monday, 28 December 2015

DIY Home Decor #1 : Use Recycled Bottles

We recently moved in to a new place and I was really ecstatic about it. However, I didn't want to spend too much money on decoration since the lease is only for a year. To avoid overspending, I went to a $2-dollar shop called Daiso a week ago to get all the stuff that we need for the new place. 

Here's a pic of our dining table which I decorated using recycled bottles. 

For the centrepiece, I used 3 recycled Starbucks bottle and put one stalk of artificial baby's breath ($2.00) in each of them. The small crate where I placed the bottles was from Daiso ($2.00).

I used recycled pesto bottles as cutlery holder and used the wire rack I've got from Daiso as a wine glass stand. The kitchen towel holder was from Daiso too!

Happy decorating!

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